St. Mary of the Lake

Lily, Birth-Rebirth

South Andersonville

"Roots of Uptown"

Reconciliation Mural

Public Art Profiles
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Kearney's Gorilla

Buena Park

"CMAA Sponsored Murals"

Cow on Parade

Argyle Street


Uptown Public Art Map​ 

A Project of Uptown Arts Council & Littleton Studio


Little Courtney Mosaics


"Hands Clasped In Earnest"


Broadway Eagles

R. Haas-Trompe l'oil

Horse of Honor



Post Office

"Lakefront Abstractions"

Peoples School of Music

Grow Sculpture

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Sunnyside Mall Gateway

Sheridan Park

Central Uptown

Uplift Mosaics

"East Meets West"

"Indian Land Dancing"

JVN Mural

"Parallel Frames of Reference"

"Chicago Lost"